Ages 2yrs-3yrs old

There’s no doubt that toddlers are often a bundle of energy. We welcome that energy and excitement because we know that it’s a natural part of growth and learning. We’ll channel that energy into positive learning experiences, giving them plenty of room to move and explore. We provide nurturing guidance as they develop physical skills and master emerging milestones.

A toddler's growth and development is boundless. Their minds and bodies are literally sponges, soaking up every word and action presented to them. They are learning how to act and react towards every emotional and environmental stimulus. They are beginning to combine ideas and words into sentences and to better understand themselves and the world around them. Because of this new found freedom, they struggle with their feelings of independence versus dependence. They want to do everything by themselves, yet they also realize they need love, attention and help to accomplish these goals. Through patience and understanding we walk this fine line with your toddler, providing the guidance they need along with the independence they crave. As your child grows and makes the transition from toddler to preschooler we begin to incorporate structure into their day. Children of this age find security and comfort through consistency of care. We provide this for your child, with a reassuring routine and a familiar schedule. Preschoolers are very curious and inquisitive by nature; asking many questions and expecting many more answers. We not only give them the answers they need, but also ask why, when, where, and how; thereby encouraging expressive conversation, fostering an imaginative and free-thinking child.


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