Have you ever wondered what life would have been like if you had fully understood and embraced who you were early on?

Our goal and soul purpose at Berkys Day Care is to help your child discover who they are while embracing the beauty and grace of their uniqueness. Throughout their time with us they will discover the world around them and the wonder within themselves. They will develop life-long friendships that will evolve and flourish throughout time as part of the beauty of this life. Your child will begin to encounter their interests, passions, and embrace a world of learning and growing. They will also face some of their challenges. Not to worry, we will be here to guide them each step of the way by teaching them some encouraging techniques that will get them through their challenges now and thereafter.

At Berkys Day Care, we believe that if we encourage teamwork, we are in fact developing the greatest leaders of the future. By encouraging our students to work together and solve a math problem during Circle Time or build a Barn in groups of four at our Blocks Center – we are in fact teaching them that if they can work well with others, they can solve or create anything. This lesson will be essential in the future when they are being called to lead, solve, and create solutions. Our lessons and activities are also created to challenge them and to overcome any hurdles that are usually more mental than anything else. Once they overcome these challenges, they will walk away from the lesson feeling more secure and confident in their individual abilities.

We believe that if we pour our love, respect, and positive energy into every single child that we have the privilege to work with, they will be a part of a positive changing world that is growing and evolving right before our eyes. They will learn that love is the ultimate truth and respect belongs to everyone. They will feel noticed and celebrated, and that is how they will feel free to grow into the wonderful individuals that they are meant to be.